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What is Flat Design?

Flat design can be seen as the more sophisticated and versatile cousin of minimalism….

rohan April 24, 2017

Best tools for choosing a color scheme

Creating a colour scheme is essential to good design. We’ve gathered together some fantastic…

rohan March 30, 2016

10 Tips for Designing Effective Marketing Collateral | Linchpin SEO

Marketing collateral drives your business. It should familiarize customers with your products, services and the…

rohan March 8, 2015

The History of Web Design

  The History of Web Design |

rohan February 18, 2015

How to Design a Great Logo

    How to Design a Great Logo |

rohan February 18, 2015

Meaning and Uses of Colors in Logo Design

If you don’t know about colors, you’re going to have trouble becoming a professional…

rohan December 22, 2014

What Makes the Best Infographics So Convincing

Andrea Ovans APRIL 22, 2014 A great infographic is an instant revelation. It can…

rohan December 21, 2014

7 Digital Marketing Solutions for Every Startup’s Needs

Posted: November 14, 2014 / By: Daniel Reed Google Analytics I am a massive Google Analytics fan and have…

rohan December 16, 2014

6 Benefits of Using Infographics

Albert Costill October 24, 2013 As someone who is constantly surfing the web, either…

rohan December 13, 2014