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How to Build a Successful Ecommerce Website

Clear Goals for Every Page

Every page should be built for a definite purpose. For example on your homepage user should encourage users to browse through categories, or better, straight through a product page. Once your user/customer is there your content should clear all their doubts whatever they maybe and convince them to make a purchase. For the smoother checkout process your cart should be extremely simple and followed by an transactional email to the customer to provide assurance. Keep these basic points while planning an website.

List Contact Information

Make it extremely simple for the customers to contact you, Thus putting you directly in touch with them. If your contact information is not clearly visible or customers has to search the entire website, it could lose you a sale. Other than listing your location or contact information  you can also add FAQs, Product reviews, Customer Testimonials, Comments for the users to read etc. User generated content like reviews or testimonials from highly satisfied customers are always great.

A Hassle-Free, Smooth Checkout Process

Studies shows that more the cluttered and complicated  is more the willingness of the customer to exit and abandoned the purchase. So the hassle-free and effortless experience is key here. It also important to make easy for the customer to understand the additional cost such as taxes and shipping costs.  Finally displaying trust symbols like Secure checkout, McAfee badges proudly on your website, indicating that your check process is safe and secure this will help fight all those fears your potential customers may have.

100% uptime is mandatory

Make sure the hosting is agile and supports scalability. It has to be reliable and could stand still no matter what the demand is. Your hosting should grow as your business grows. and if it’s lagging behind delaying shipping or harming your potential sales you should upgrade immediately. Being skimpy on hosting plan which will eventually affect your reputation in negative way because of the inefficiency to support the orders or demand coming in. Leading to decrease in sale.

Build a Brand Loyalty

Always search for the possibilities to bring the customers back to you. Most of the people search bunch of website before making a purchase of a specific product. Obviously more the visitors visits your website it’s more likely to make the sales. The best way to bring the customers back the timely email announcing the arriving of the new product or seasonal sale. If the popular item is out of stock then you can ask customer for their email so you can notify them. by doing this you are servicing beyond selling but also caring customers needs.

Designing a Effective Ecommerce Website

User Friendly

Keep the design of the website as simple and clutter-free as possible to make it easy for the customer to know where they are on your website.  provide featurs like the breadcrumb links and drop down menus to make their navigation easier. Make the shopping cart visible throughout their stay so they know exactly whats in their cart and how much does it cost.

Keep your site from being overwhelming to visitors by avoiding too much information within a small area. On a product page, the image of the product, its title, description, availability, price, and similar products are the main elements you need and adding more will only distract users.

Strong Calls to Action

Each page where an action is required of a user should have a strong call-to-action, which incites the user to take the next step toward accomplishing the goal of the page. This may be “Add to Cart”, “Checkout”, or most importantly, “Submit Payment”. Do not have more than one primary call-to-action per page. Secondary calls-to-action are good to have as another choice when a user is not quite ready to commit to the primary goal completion. For example, they may be willing to download your software demo, but not ready to purchase your software. Rather than lose visitors, keep them on your website for a few more minutes by offering them secondary options.

Brand Recognizable

Keep the same design language throughout the customer stay to avoid confusion. For example if your website has verity of colors for the buy button it may cause drop-off in sale due to uncertainty brought by the inconsistency in your design. Your best bet would be to look at major Ecommerce websites and borrow same technique that seems consistent across them. These major ecommerce website tests their design over and over and over again to see whats brings more results. Some of their techniques could be borrowed for your website with your design language.

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