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Our expert development team works on the cutting edge of
technology and best practices.

  • We provide quality assurance
  • Our websites are built for performance
  • Our methodology is proven in each industry we served

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Ecommerce Development

We convert traffic into customers and make you Ecommerce website the most effective selling tool.

Responsive Website Development

Your website should look awesome on every Mobile, Tablet or Desktop. We build website that performs across every platform.

Content Management System

The right CMS tool can help you easily manage and update your website. We work with numerous CMS’s including: WordPress, Magento & Drupal.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

You take your business seriously and so do we. We make it our mission to keep your website live 24/7.

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Web & Mobile Development Process:

At Colored Elephant Studios web development process is taken extremely personally. They look beautiful and perform flawlessly. From the beginning we look at content strategy, information architecture, user pathways and how to target the right audience.

1: Digital Audit

2: Business Analysis

3: Information
Architecture &
User Experience

4: Digital Strategy &
Interface Design

If you have an existing website we want to understand what works and what needs work.
We setup analytics software on your website and review the data comes out helping us designing the strategy for your next website.

We understand your products, services, Sales process and identify the areas of potential customer growth and leverage these insights into call-to-action and user pathways. Our understanding of your business helps us build a website that supports online growth.

Every website needs foundation. Each of our website go through the process of IA and UX and generate blueprints for your online business. We optimise the content, flow, site structure so the website could be intuitive and easy to use.

This phase of Digital Strategy dictates the messaging and content of your website and provides the creative framework which is used throughout the web interface design. Our website are designed to be creative and compelling and sets the tone of your brand image.

5: Front-End Coding

6: Back-End CMS

7: Quality Assurance

8: Future Optimisation & Marketing

We utilise next-gen technologies and coding standards to ensure your website loads quickly and works smoothly across every platform. Our coding is compatible with mobile and tablet devices and optimised for search engines.

We develop back-end and content management system (CMS) to be easy for anyone to use and manage the content. they are built most trustworthy platforms so you and your customers are always secured.

Before we take your website live, we put our coding to the test with an iterative quality assurance process, covering potential exploits, workload balancing, and compatibility. Testing your website insures quality by finding and fixing bugs before the site goes live.

A website is a fluid and organic platform; it can always be tested and improved upon. We look for ways to keep your business relevant with ongoing design and content recommendations. After your website has launched, our online marketing team will execute a long-term strategy that will bring you qualified customers, grow lifetime customer loyalty, and insure a high return on investment by diligently monitoring available metrics.

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