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Solution Overview

What’s a better way to present the solution than video! In this 3:30 minutes we helped cover the objectives and how those objectives and interdependencies between them defined the principles of the solution. And how they have carefully addressed each of the requirements while delivering tangible value.

Celebrating The 1 Team

We created this lively animation to celebrated the achievements accomplished in partnership by the Major international IT Company and Singapore’s Best bank. What led to this partnership? What were the key deciding factors? What were the key success drivers? How aligning values helped them work as a 1 Team? We showcased their six months journey & the team was able to share the experience throughout this time in this short 2 minute video.

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Cloud Awareness Drive

We created this Whiteboard Video for one of the major bank in Europe. It is really crucial for them to keep the customer data safe and 1st step towards doing that is awareness within organization. They were moving to cloud platform and they felt it will help them is we can showcase the importance of the data security and cloud know-hows within internal employees. In this animation we covered what is cloud? Why do we use it? And some key important things that you should know before moving to cloud services.

Solution Offering

In this Video Scribe we helped major international IT company to describe their solution for on of the top banks in Europe. With 2:30 minute engaging video we touched upon various key points and strategies. We focused on How we will do what we do?

Delivering More

In this video we helped Major IT Company explain how they can deliver more on the 3rd year of service. How do we take our services to the next level of maturity? How we can derive better value at faster pace? Are we really thinking out of the box? We help showcase the key benefits identified from the initial assessment.

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